Row Robin is back!

Wow Row Robin exchange is completed!  We had the big reveal last Thursday and it was superb.  It’ll be strange not having the coming and goings of these wonderous bags of fabric much to my husbands bemusement.

I was thrilled with mine it started as a bag of fabric – Kaffe Fassett Layer cake and a length of black fabric with a starter row and turned into a work of art.



I was gobsmacked its so beautiful and so many  lovely rows, the others have gone to so much trouble it’s quite humbling. (It may have been helped by the bag of chocolates I put in with my fabric, a book on chicken yoga and a journal full of jokes for scribbling in if anyone didn’t feel like sewing).

kaffe 2


Completing it ready for our exhibition in September as part of the annual Wirksworth Art and Architecture Trail is going to be a pleasure. This amazing event is held in peoples homes and venues across the town.  Taking part are 150 sculptors, photographers, textile artists, jewellers, glass and silver workers.

Here are the other Worksworth Quilters, the photo doesn’t do them justice.

Worksworth row robin

I’ve continued with TQS sew a row round robin which will be going on for over a year.  These are the rows I’ve received so far.  They are amazing!!  I’m so lucky to have such creative quilting friends near and far. The theme of my quilt will be birds.

rr received

This months Facebook free motion postcard swap’s theme is embellishment so embroidery, beads, buttons, lace etc.   Today’s tip is don’t embellish before free motion quilting and edging!  It’s off to The Netherlands.  Now do I put it in an envelope or argue with the PO counter assistant.  Last time I sent one with a bead on he said it would break all their machinery and no one would get any post.  It made it in one piece and there was no reports of a disaster at the sorting office!

July 16 July 162)

July 163)

Painting has taken up a lot of creative time since the beginning of the year.  I find it totally absorbing and although a lot is fit for the bin I’ve had a few I’m really pleased with.  I’ve made a separate gallery the link is above the blog title or click here Watercolour Paintings

Here’s a quick sample of a few


Finally my  yummy grandson is  6 months old now and really shouldn’t be drinking wine yet!!!

Thomas 6 months

Note the appropriate high chair.



10 thoughts on “Row Robin is back!

  1. Koojiebear

    Wow Wendy – loving all those! The puppy is cute, the others are awesome and the quilts wonderful! Well done to all!
    I haven’t done any painting for ages – I got stroppy because I couldn’t see with or without my specs – just not the right angle. New specs that are for close up close up and slightly more distant close up are just right – I may get the paint box out again . . . when I’ve made a dent in that stash!


      1. Koojiebear

        LOL. New specs are in the bag with the cathedral quilt – took it all on holiday – brilliant for close up sewing. No more arms length applique either. I may have added a couple of yards while in Oban. Well 6 yards really. My bad. Still working on Erin’s blocks so the stash is going – almost run out of yellow batik!!! Whoohoo!



    1. Koojiebear

      It’s the one I did on Om. It’s slowly getting bigger and great to take on holidays or weekends away. But it’s also getting heavier and a little more sweltering in warm weather!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, have you been busy! I love your row-by-row quilt! It looks like everyone in your group ended up with some pretty special quilts. And you TQS rows are amazing. I can’t believe how well the rows go together when the makers are making them without seeing the other rows. That’s going to be another beautiful quilt!! I love your postcard. What a fun group to participate in! Finally, your watercolors are just amazing. My internet was too slow to see more than the top half of the pictures in the slideshow, but what I could see was so beautiful! I admire your artistic abilities!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That row by row quilt is so bright and colorful. I’m impressed with all the tiny piecing that people put into the rows! Your bird row by row is wonderful too! Love your watercolors. You have been busy and I liked the slideshow format. It worked great for me!

    Liked by 1 person

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