Round Robin rows and portraits

Now I can share some recent projects.

This is a quilt made with Japanese fabrics for my sister in law in Guernsey who has been very unwell and currently having chemotherapy.  Actually it’s long overdue, her daughter has one and her dog!  Now should I make one for my brother?

The design is chain pieced and assembled without separating the chains but I can’t for the life of me remember how I did it.  It’s quilted on my domestic machine randomly with lots of practice for feathers and odd shapes.

My neice Rebecca holding it up.


detail of the quilting


I’m taking part in a round robin with my group in Wirksworth.  We each provided a bag of fabric and each month we swap bags and make a patchwork row with the fabric.  We’re not to share our work and about next July I’ll have my bag back with a completed top of about 10 rows.  What a great surprise it will be.  I include some Kaffe Fassett brights and black as a contrast.  The bags of fabric I’ve worked on so far have been very varied from chintzy flowers to farmyard fabric and batiks.  I’ll post pictures of them when we have the reveal in the summer.

A conversation with my online friends resulted in them wanting to do something similar from January.  We are making rows each month on a theme chosen by each person.  Mine is chickens and birds – that’s a surprise.  Some of the other themes are trees and leaves, sea sand and seaside.  etc.,

I received an amazing row for January all the way from Canada, the blocks are named after birds.  Some are called flying geese, birds in the air, birds of paradise and flock of birds.

Andree 1

This is the row I made for January  on the theme of trees and leaves that’s now in Illinois.

jdluka 2 I’ve another 2 rows ready to post to Texas.

I’ve also been working on a Lynette Anderson block of the month with TQS for the past year.  I’m a bit behind (3 months!).  Showing it will give me the incentive to get it finished. The original quilt is beautiful but I wanted to personalise it so the house and sheep have changed to chickens and a coop and most of the other applique has had a few changes. Just another couple of borders to go and then on with quilting and embellishing.

photo 2

Here is the original


I’ve been itching to paint again so tried another quilt technique to transfer to watercolour.  This time portraits.  I did the same as I would do if I was making a fabric portrait.  With Paintshop Pro I changed it to greyscale and then posterised the picture, printed it out and traced features using a light box onto watercolour paper rather than fabric and painted as opposed to applique.  The posterised picture was used for reference for light and darker areas.  It worked pretty well although this is probably thought of as  cheating by watercolourists. I’d love to be able to draw properly.  Who’d have thought quilting skills transfer to other hobbies.


12540947_10101855918373498_226764641871563134_n   Karen 1.21

and this is a similar attempt to paint my grandson Thomas.

29th Jan


He’s growing quickly now but just as cuddly and cute, pictured with his other granny.


I’m sorry to say I lost my  6 year old little chicken Coot yesterday.  She’s been unable to walk for a month and needed lifting around and special care.  Despite the vets best effort with analgesics and antibiotics there was nothing that would improve her quality of life or return function so we took the hard decision to say goodbye.  We had a lot of good times with her and she had a happy life in my garden.

Cygnet is here 018

Thank you for reading


15 thoughts on “Round Robin rows and portraits

  1. I’m sorry about your sister’s illness and about losing Coot! It’s so hard to lose the little ones that we love so much!! Your work, as always, is beautiful. I think your watercolors are wonderful and will be highly appreciated by your family. Your rows and BOM are wonderful. I actually like your BOM better than the original. Your colors are much more beautiful and your appliques are softer and more appealing, at least to me.



    Rebecca is famous!

    Everyone loves the quilt and can’t believe all the detail. I was going to use it to keep my legs warm last week at chemo but I was scared I might throw my tea all over it!

    I still can’t believe I’m the proud owner of one of your quilts xx

    Rebecca says that for Graham, it has to have a swimming theme! Alternatively, with a ride on lawnmower!!!

    The tiredness has hit me big time today. Had a lazy morning, hot bath and then had a rest this afternoon. I’m now fighting to keep my eyes open so looks like it will be another early night for me 💤💤💤💤

    Jean xx

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Jean it’s for using and throw it in the machine to get tea out. I’ll have to have a think about Graham’s. Perhaps a few sharks and grass clippings.

      Enjoy the rest and feet up. Bet they won’t let you when treatments finished!! Xx


  3. Lois

    Wendy your quilts are wonderful. I am in agreement with Nancy and prefer your interpretation of the TQS BOM 2015 to the original. I enjoy your colors and I love the whimsy you’ve added including the fox too dumb to know the chicken he’d like for dinner is safely riding on his back. As for Coot. She’s lovely. Her feathers are wonderful. Thomas isn’t bad either. Thanks for sharing. Lois


  4. Koojiebear

    Oh gosh yes, your version of the quilt is by far the better one! Love the Canadian bird blocks too. All lovely.
    Jean has given you something to play with! Love that quilt – it’s your blankie now and best wishes for a speedy recovery Jean.



  5. Koojiebear

    Oops, sorry – I forgot to mention little Coot. Such a pretty bird now in the land of mealworms on tap. You don’t want a grumpy old Buff Sussex do you? 😉


    1. Thanks for comments Koojie. Yes I’d love a grumpy buff Sussex they are amazing. I knew Mostins ones they are so beautiful. In return you can have a crowing pekin called crow who sounds like a cross between a crow and a guinea pig! xx


      1. Koojiebear

        Lol! Erin and Murray run away from her – she goes for your legs! All quiet on the western front here – only one laying and not announcing. Phew! I don’t think the neighbours would be happy with me adding Crow to the munchkins. So saying that Skye (the last of Egg Lou’s girls and now 8) would love to have a diddy friend – she’s outnumbered by bigguns now! Grumpy Squirt is almost 7! xxx


  6. Barb Rucker


    I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s illness too and losing Coot. Your watercolors are wonderful especially Thomas’s portrait. Really like your leaf row robin. I agree with Lois I like your version of the 2015 BOM better than the original too. (I’ve not gotten back to mine yet).



  7. Sorry to read about Coot. She was a beautiful chicken. I like what you did with the TQS BOM. It is cool when the quilter takes a pattern and makes it her own! Love your watercolor paintings!–Terry


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