Painting Quilts?

Happy New Year.

The year started with the sudden and early appearance of this lovely little chap on the doorstep of youngest son and my daughter in law.  Meet Thomas Henry my new grandson.

day 14.1

He’s a real joy  and I’m so looking forward to knowing him and watching him develop.  As you can see he has the obligatory quilt. His mum and dad are coping so well and you’d think they’d been parents for ever.  I was really anxious with my first even though I’d been a paediatric nurse and midwife!

A lot of the other sewing has been for exchange projects and gifts which haven’t been received yet.  I’ll share them when they are.

I’ve been a bit in the doldrums creatively, but happy knitting for little Thomas and I’ve joined a painting group organised by U3A in Belper.  My first meeting was this morning.  We were shown how to make the most of painting trees using perspective and shadow to make the branches grow out of all sides of the trees rather than stick out the sides.  It’s been many years since the few watercolour classes I went to when the boys were young and I’ve not painted since so I was really unsure what to do.  So a bell rang in my head and I decided to paint my quilts.  At least I had already thought of design, colour, tone etc., and can knock up the odd birch tree in fabric.

Here is my effort, I’m quite chuffed with it.  If it seems familiar to you, it’s a painting of one of the birch quilts I posted about previously.   Link to gallery .  I wasn’t brave enough to tackle the background.


I’ve plenty more picture quilts I can paint before I’m brave enough to do something original.  It’s a friendly group who aren’t afraid of poking fun at your efforts and encouraging you.  Roll on next month.

Thank you for reading





8 thoughts on “Painting Quilts?

  1. Koojiebear

    Lovely photo of Thomas Henry. Cute owl quilt too. That birch is gorgeous, almost a photo rather than a painting. I don’t know how the group would be able to poke fun at that though. Keep up the fun stuff.


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  2. Thomas looks to be just the most perfect “time waster!” You know the drill, coo, coo, rock, coo some more and pretty soon several hours have passed! Your painting is amazing. I loved the detail and the shading of the bark. You are going to be creating something way beyond cool on fabric soon! Great blog! Terry

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  3. Barb Rucker

    Wendy – wonderful picture of Thomas and his owl quilt! Can’t believe how fast time fly’s with the grands before you know it he’ll be out chasing the ‘girls’ in your yard.

    Fun to see your birch painting too.


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  4. Rita

    What a lovely baby Wendy, congratulations! So clever to take a photo with the card recording the age, and he quilt is lovely too. As for your watercolour, you really are so talented. Good on you for giving it a go and keep at it because you are very good. Hope you are well, Cheers, Rita. x


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